Your sessions

Bad feelings

Can anyone help?

What happens next?

If everyone agrees, then some sessions will be set up. You will meet with your therapist each week, maybe even more than once a week. You’ll start doing all those things, playing with toys, or sand, or water, or drawing, or painting, sometimes being messy, sometimes being angry, sometimes being sad. Sometimes you might hardly be able to wait for your sessions so you can carry on playing and thinking. Then sometimes you might be angry with your therapist, and you might not want to go to your session. That’s when the adults will need to help you carry on doing this brave thing. Because it IS brave to think about your problems. It is good to talk – and feel, and think, with someone who’s there to think with you, so that things don’t get stuck in your mind.

So how long would I do this for?


Text based on text written by Judith Edwards for The Harris Meltzer Trust for The Association of Child Psychotherapists.