What happens next?

Bad feelings

Can anyone help?

Some meetings will be set up – the adults will do this. You and your parents or carers, or other people who are thinking about you, and are often also very unhappy that you are unhappy, will meet with the therapist, to try and work out what’s going on right now. What do you think is hard? What do they think is hard? Maybe nobody really knows what to do. The therapist will also meet a few times just with you, to see if this way of working is good for you, feels OK, interesting, worth trying – even a bit of an adventure. You might play with toys, if you feel like it, or draw, and talk, or be quiet. The therapist will keep thinking about what’s happening, and try to help you sort things out.

Your sessions

So how long would I do this for?


Text based on text written by Judith Edwards for The Harris Meltzer Trust for The Association of Child Psychotherapists.