Can anyone help?

Bad feelings

You may need someone who: Can understand how hard things can be when you’re growing up. Can help children and teenagers with some of the struggle life throws at them. A person called a child psychotherapist works with lots of children and young people, listens carefully, thinks a lot, and together with each person, can help make life make more sense, so that he or she can begin to feel better. This person would see you, at the same time each week, in the same room, to do the same work. It’s not school work, but work about feelings and how to handle them. They are feelings you already know about, and maybe some other feelings you didn’t even know you had. This would be private, although there would be some meetings with your parents or carers to see how you’re getting on.

What happens next?

Your sessions

So how long would I do this for?


Text based on text written by Judith Edwards for The Harris Meltzer Trust for The Association of Child Psychotherapists.