Bad Feelings

Sometimes life can be tough, feelings can be difficult. Everyone has worries, but sometimes you can feel they’re just too much! Sometimes you feel angry, sometimes you feel sad. Sometimes you feel like nobody likes you, sometimes you don’t like anyone either! Maybe you even hate people! You might feel you have no friends. You might be in lots of trouble at school. You might have lots of changes in your life, too many to manage. Sometimes you’re really, really worried. It might even feel like you’ve got a war going on inside you. Sometimes you may find it hard to sleep. You might even have scary dreams. Sometimes you feel like a really bad person. You feel like you’re on your own, and no-one understands.

Can anyone help?

What happens next?

Your sessions

So how long would I do this for?


Text based on text written by Judith Edwards for The Harris Meltzer Trust for The Association of Child Psychotherapists.