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What happens next?

Your sessions

So how long would I do this for?

So what happens when therapy stops? Well, you will hopefully feel quite a lot better. Things may well have changed, at home, and at school, because things have been sorted out from all those muddles you had in your mind. So there’ll be room for something new. After you’ve stopped seeing your therapist, things usually go on changing and improving.

How do we know? Because people called researchers have studied this, and talked to children and the adults that look after them, after the sessions have finished. What these researchers found out was that the thinking goes on being helpful, even after the sessions have stopped. You still have the memory of your therapy and your therapist inside your mind. Even if you might forget a lot of it, you will remember quite a lot too. It doesn’t go away. You may even ask for a ‘top-up’ later.

Text based on text written by Judith Edwards for The Harris Meltzer Trust for The Association of Child Psychotherapists.